System Requirements & Site Information

The Management Solutions™ program is maximized to perform best with the monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768.

We recommend that you utilize an Internet Explorer browser. It will work in other formats however, no matter which browser you use, please make sure you are using the latest version. It's quick, free and easy to update your browser, and virtually all Web sites you visit will be best viewed with the latest browser versions. We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0+. You may download it free from Microsoft.

Although the software is not yet configured for Netscape, if you are using Netscape please use version 8.1. You may download it free from Netscape.

If you are viewing our site on a Macintosh, you may experience some minor difficulties as well. Management Solutions™ is not recommended for Mac users.


Pop-Up Blocking (must be off) Click here for information on other Popup Blockers
Our site uses pop-up windows to enhance your browsing experience and to protect the data and simplify the data submission. Please turn off any software that disables such windows.


Cookies (must be enabled)
In order to use our Internet configured Software; your Web browser must be set to accept cookies. To set your browser to accept cookies, look under "Preferences" or "Options" in your browser.


Java Scripting (must be enabled)
In order to use our Internet configured Software; your Web browser must be configured to use "Java Scripting." To set your browser to use Java Scripting, look under "Preferences" or "Options" in your browser.


Flash (must be installed)
Our site uses Flash for improved graphics and animation capabilities, this is a free plug-in. To Download the Flash plug-in CLICK HERE.


I-Frames (must be enabled)
Our site uses iframes for navigation & folder options. Please enable iframes in your browser settings. To set your browser to use iframes, look under "Security Settings" in the "Options" selection in your browser.


Scripting (must be enabled)
Management Solutions™ relies heavily on scripting and Active Scripting must be enabled in your browser. Check your browser's Security settings to make sure scripting is enabled.


Public Computers
Because public computers have many features disabled due to their vulnerability to viruses you will be unlikely to access Management Solutions™ correctly on them.


System Recommendations
DSL/ADSL Internet Connection
Windows 98 or greater
Windows IE 6.0 or greater
Minimum of 128 megabytes of memory
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768
Colors 256
128 megabytes of memory
Allow Meta Refresh-Enabled

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