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Pop Up Blocker Settings
Pop-up blockers (or ad blockers) can help prevent annoying pop-ups, but these blockers can also keep websites from working correctly.

We have compiled a list of setting information for some of the more popular popup blockers.
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If necessary, please turn off any Firewalls that disable Management Solutions and make sure your browser and other various software allows Management Solutions™ to work properly.

We have compiled a list of setting information for some of the more popular firewalls.
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Security Settings
If necessary, your security setting may need to be adjusted.

Microsoft Security Settings Information

Low Resources and Low Memory

Various Images that show you are having Low Resource or Low Memory Problems:
Low Memory Error Low Resource Distortion 1 Low Resource Distortion 2



When your computer runs low on memory and/or resources, you will experience problems running your applications. Memory problems are usually indicated by a system message or can also cause a screen to be distorted and can cause the system to run slowly.


When you have memory/resource problems, you should stop any unneeded applications.. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to exit Windows and restart the system.


If the problem recurs, verify that the system has enough memory. There should be at least 24 megabytes of extended random access memory (RAM) (more is always better). If other applications are running on your system at the same time that you are working in Management Solutions™, more memory may need to be specified. The amount needed will depend on the additional applications you are running.


If the system does have enough memory and the memory problem recurs, restart the system and run ONLY Management Solutions™.


If the problem occurs again, contact Management Solutions™ support. If the problem does not reoccur, the memory problem may have been with the other applications running along with Management Solutions™.



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